Anyone who grew up south of the border or in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, or California does not need to hear this gringa talk about tostadas. But for the rest of you, here are my directions, with pictures, for a tasty snack/lunch that uses up the leftover fixins from tacos and other Mexican/Tex-Mex dishes.

I had leftover homemade pico de gallo, some cheese, and tortillas. Not pictured: sour cream.

I heated just enough oil to make a shallow pool in my pan until it’s nice and hot, and then I put a tortilla in.

I fry it nice and crispy (about 15-30 seconds on each side, flipping with tongs) and remove it from the pan. Careful when flipping, as steam can build up under the tortilla.

Immediately sprinkle with cheese so it can get nice and melted. If you are making more, make them now and then go back to add any other toppings – it gives the cheese time to melt.

Eat right away for the most satisfaction, as like all fried things, they can get kind of chewy when cold.


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